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Individual Hymns 50% Off = $5.00 each ….Plus Other Specials!!!

When you are a newcomer to a classroom, you can stay in the shadows or be proactive and introduce yourself to your new classmates. We, Lynn and Charles, have had careers in music and ministry. We have been engaged in hymn-writing for over nine years. Our texts and tunes have been appreciated by a widening circle of congregations and church musicians. We are offering our hymns as our gifts to God and faith communities. To that end, we have decided to make them available as inexpensively as possible. Let’s get acquainted – at a minimal cost to you! It is only $5.00 per individual hymn (not including taxes). They can be downloaded immediately.

We have lowered our prices on Lynn’s organ CDs and the nine collections of hymns.

HERE’S A NEW RESOURCE! Now available are four CD piano accompaniments of ALL of our hymns and worship responses! In the possible short or long term absence of organists or pianists, congregations some times use prerecorded accompaniments for worship services. Choirs and soloists use this convenience in learning new hymns.

Every hymn has been recorded on the piano. Descants are provided for eleven of the hymns. The descants may be played by any C instrument and, of course, can be transposed for others.
* Volume 1 of 4 contains 19 tracks i.e., from baptism to funerals and memorial services.
* Volume 2 of 4 contains selections for worship services as well as songs about the Bible and major church historical events.
* Volume 3 of 4 includes a series of songs about Hebrew prophets, building friendships, and Social Justice hymns.
* Volume 4 of 4 emphasizes music regarding liturgical seasons as well as appropriate songs for holidays such as Thanksgiving and Independence Day. Details about our collections are provided on our website.

COMING SOON! We will release a new collection when Charles returns from a trip to Israel and Jordan – Hymns about Jesus and the Holy Land!

We have a new endorsement!–

“I have been a colleague of Lynn Zeigler for decades and a friend of Charles Kniker for several years. I have tremendous respect for the work they do in their respective areas (music and “words”), so I eagerly awaited the fruition of their hymn project. I was honored to be asked to write descants for several of the hymns. This turned out to be easier, and even more enjoyable, than I expected; the hymns grew on me more and more, and the beauty of the music Lynn wrote seemed to write the descants for me. These hymns are unmatched in their beauty and expressive character. I especially like what Lynn has done with juxtaposed major and minor keys that really bring out the meaning and expression of Charles’ words. I am glad that Lynn recorded the hymns for you; her playing shows her truly musical approach to hymn “performance,” which is obviously a strong influence on her composition of hymns.

Being a (musical) “note” person, I sometimes do not give the words due notice. However, Charles’ words drew me in; they speak to us—people of the 21st century—but they do it with the art, class, and depth that “contemporary” writings often lack. This, I believe sums up my impression of the Songs for Disciples: they give us something new that relates to our time, and does it with refinement, elegance, taste, and depth.”

Dr. Kevin Schilling, Associate Professor of Music Emeritus (oboist), Iowa State University

From Charles and Lynn – We appreciate your thoughtful words and support, Kevin.

To our new friends – Thank you for the willingness to try our hymns and worship responses. Please contact us with your comments. We look forward to getting acquainted.