We have four volumes of piano accompaniment for our hymns. You can find the links to these products below:

Piano Accompaniments Vol. 1 of 4 – Songs in the Lives of Disciplesimg_6932

Volume 1 of 4 contains 19 tracks of “Songs in the Lives of Disciples,” i.e,, from baptism to funerals and memorial services.






Piano Accompaniments Vol. 2 of 4 – Worship Service Elements, Bible/Church Historyimg_6920

Volume 2 of 4 contains selections for worship services as well as songs about the Bible and major church historical events.






Piano Accompaniments Vol. 3 of 4 – God’s Truth-Tellers, Social Justice/Just Peace, Let Me Be a Friend

Volume 3 of 4 includes a series of songs about Hebrew prophets, building friendships, and Social Justice hymns.





Piano Accompaniments Vol. 4 of 4 – Advent/Christmas/Epiphany, Lent/Easter, Holidays & Special Observances

Volume 4 of 4 emphasizes music regarding liturgical seasons as well as appropriate songs for holidays such as Thanksgiving and Independence Day.






We also have bundled the Piano Accompaniment CDs with their Related Musical Collections! You can find these bundles here!

In addition, the following CDs featuring organ music played by Lynn Zeigler are available for purchase. The three CDs are recorded on the Recital Hall organ at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa. It was built by John Brombaugh and Associates of Eugene, Oregon, 1987. The organ has three manuals and pedal, 35 stops and 50 ranks. The organ photos included here are those of the organ of John Brombaugh and Associates. Clicking on any of the photos will provide closeups of the organ and its pipes.

IMG_6753An Organ Collection Organ music from a variety of genres played by Lynn Zeigler







IMG_6755Notes from Iowa Organ music with Lynn Zeigler, organ,  Kevin Schilling, bassoon and Elizabeth Sadilek, flute








The Art of the Fugue,  Johann Sebastian Bach’s monumental series of fugues, organ version, Lynn Zeigler, organ






Dr. Lynn Jay Zeigler holds an Organ Performance degree from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, a Master of Music degree from Northwestern University, and the Premier Prix de Virtuosité, the highest performance degree given in Europe. Before joining the Music faculty at Iowa State University, she served as the interim organist at the Duke University chapel. She taught courses in music theory and taught students in Harpsichord and Organ in the Music Department at Iowa State University from 1975 to 2011. The three CDs offered for sale at this website were recorded during those years.  For additional information about her achievements, including winning first prizes in several European organ competitions and national and international concert tours, go to the home page and click the “About Us” button.

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