May 172017

It is here! We want to get acquainted with you. So we are offering our hymns and worship responses for $5.00 each. At that price you can sample, at a small cost, a piece that you may have heard about, one on a favorite season or perhaps is on an issue close to your heart.

A distinctive feature of our downloadable hymns is a “left hand” page in addition to the music on the “right hand” page. In addition to the text in poetic form, the left hand page features scriptural references, background information and/or story about its development, and alternate tune (if available). For this additional information, we believe the $5.00 sale price(tax and transaction fee additional) is a bargain. A buy button is present on each song page, and payment can be made through Shopify or PayPal.

We are also excited to announce that eleven of our hymns are currently available for viewing on You Tube. A link to those hymns are at the song site. Text and audio samples are found on the web pages.

We also offer additional exciting resources.  One is piano accompaniments for each of the 61 selections. They are available on four CDs. Another resource is zip files of each of eight collections of our songs, arranged by topics. THEY WILL BE AVAILABLE AT HALF PRICE.

A new endorsement —

I have been a colleague of Lynn Zeigler for decades and a friend of Charles Kniker for several years. I have tremendous respect for the work they do in their respective areas (music and “words”), so I eagerly awaited the fruition of their hymn project. I was honored to be asked to write descants for several of the hymns. This turned out to be easier, and even more enjoyable, than I expected; the hymns grew on me more and more, and the beauty of the music Lynn wrote seemed to write the descants for me. These hymns are unmatched in their beauty and expressive character. I especially like what Lynn has done with juxtaposed major and minor keys that really bring out the meaning and expression of Charles’ words. I am glad that Lynn recorded the hymns for you; her playing shows her truly musical approach to hymn “performance,” which is obviously a strong influence on her composition of hymns.

Being a (musical) “note” person, I sometimes do not give the words due notice. However, Charles’ words drew me in; they speak to us—people of the 21st century—but they do it with the art, class, and depth that “contemporary” writings often lack. This, I believe sums up my impression of the Songs for Disciples: they give us something new that relates to our time, and does it with refinement, elegance, taste, and depth.

Dr. Kevin Schilling, Associate Professor of Music (oboist), Iowa State University

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