May 172017

Good News! And a Special Offer

We are pleased to announce a new resource from Songs for Disciples. Now available are four CD piano accompaniments of ALL of our hymns and worship responses! In the possible short term or long term absence of organists or pianists, congregations some times use prerecorded accompaniments for worship services. Choirs and soloists use this convenience in learning new hymns.

Every hymn has been recorded on the piano. Descants are provided for eleven of the hymns. The descants may be played by any C instrument and, of course, transposed by others.

  • Volume 1 of 4 contains 19 tracks of “Songs in the Lives of Disciples,” i.e,, from baptism to funerals and memorial services.
  • Volume 2 of 4 contains selections for worship services as well as songs about the Bible and major church historical events.
  • Volume 3 of 4 includes a series of songs about Hebrew prophets, building friendships, and Social Justice hymns.
  • Volume 4 of 4 emphasizes music regarding liturgical seasons as well as appropriate songs for holidays such as Thanksgiving and Independence Day. Details about the collections are provided below and on our website.

Special Offer – HALF-PRICE SAL(or better!) Here are our GET ACQUAINTED prices at the end of 2016!!!

For example,buy the Advent/Christmas/Epiphany hymn collection at the reduced price of $15.00 (normally $30.00) and receive Volume 4 of 4 of the CD Piano Accompaniments for only $40.00 (HALF PRICE)! Vol. 4 includes also the piano accompaniments for Lent/Easter and the Holidays/Special Observances hymns.This offer is for a limited time only. Order today so you have the music available before Epiphany begins.

Each hymn in the music collection includes background information.

Introductory Sale Prices

  1. Individual songs may be purchased online at
  1. There is always a savings when buying a collection. For example, the collection of four hymns for Advent/Christmas/Epiphany is $25.00 rather than $40.00.
  1. Each single piano accompaniment CD normally costs $25.00. Now each is only $12.50. when all four are purchased, the price is reduced to $40.00. For a limited time only!



Chart I

Individual Music Collections  (in the order in which they appear in Chart II)

Title # of Songs Price
Special Songs in the Lives of Disciples 13 $49,00
Worship Service Elements 9 $33.75
Bible/Church History 6 $22.50
God’s Truth-tellers 8 $30.00
Social Justice/Just Peace 11 $41.25
Let Me Be a Friend 4 $15.00
Advent/Christmas/Epiphany 4 $15.00
Lent/Easter 7 $26.25
Holidays and Special Observances 7 $26.25


Chart II

CD Piano Accompaniments

Vol. Title (total number of tracks, including descant tracks) [no. of descants] Cost by itself (with related Music Collection(s) Total Cost

(not including shipping/taxes)


1 Songs in the Lives of Disciples (19) [6] $12.50 $33.50 $92.00
2 Worship Service Elements

Bible/Church History (19)[4]

$12.50 $37.50




3* God’s Truth-tellers

Social Justice/Just Peace

Let Me Be a Friend (12)[1]

$12.50 $30.00






4 Advent/Christmas/Epiphany


Holidays/Special Observances (18) [0]


$ super discount




*Disk 3 Since the same tune is used for all 8 prophets, only 2 tracks are provided = one without and one with the descant. Social Justice tracks are numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, and 12, a total of 8.  While there are four text versions of “Friends,” there can be sung to either the piano version (track 7) or the Calypso/Soca version (track 7). The Soca version, which is a recording by a group of singers, is an example of an alternate interpretation. It does not include all the text verses.

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