Bible / Church History Collection

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To aid disciples in gaining greater appreciation of the Bible and several of the major events for the Christian faith.



How well do you know the Bible?  Relatively few of us know the Bible well.  Brief phrases in a popular gospel song provide few insights into understanding the depth of Scripture. Wouldn’t most of us who claim to be Jesus’ followers believe that we should be life-long learners when it comes to the Bible?  Shouldn’t we also be interested in major events in church history?


The first hymn in this collection, “Words of Light,” describes the amazing richness of the Hebrew Scriptures and the Christian gospels, history, and letters. It opens with a reflection of the diversity of literary forms used by its authors, including poetry, songs, legends, history, biography, and epistles. Its theology relates to such current day issues as land and water. Jesus told parables to convey truths. Perhaps the most famous was the Parable of the Prodigal Son, which is retold in “Welcome Home.” How he extends his welcome to all is recounted in “Invitation.” The birth or seminal event for the church, with the gift of the Holy Spirit, occurs with the Pentecost event. We entitle our song commemorating that event “Shouts of Joy!” Another major event in church history has been called the Protestant Reformation (the 1500s) under such leaders as Martin Luther and John Calvin. That pivotal movement and what it means for today’s re-forming churches is “We Stand for Love.”  The significance of music in the church’s history is proclaimed in “Here Hymns Reveal a Holy One.” Together, the hymns call disciples to engage in vibrant worship, commit to life-long learning, to care for souls, and to witness and serve those in need.



Song Title For use on, with
Words of Light Bible study and worship
Welcome Home Parable of the Prodigal Son
Invitation Study about Jesus Christ
Shouts of Joy! Pentecost
We Stand for Love Reformation history
Here Hymns Reveal Study of Church History


Instructions:  For your convenience these six (6) hymns are in a downloadable zip file.  The collection is available for a limited time for $22.50.  You may purchase this collection through this BUY NOW button.  [If you like to sample one of the hymns in the collection, return to the home page and search using any of the titles above.]

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