Great is Our Joy Today! (Baptism)

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A hymn written especially for the celebration of infant and adult baptisms. The family of faith and the family of the baptized give God thanks for this occasion. They recognize how sacred the event is and promise to be faithful in the new life promised by Christ. The tune echoes the sentiment of “Great is Your Faithfulness.”

Price:  $5.00 (USD)

Window:  “Sign of Faith — Baptism”  Faith UCC  Bryan, TX
Picture: Sammy and Freddy, one day old







Music and Score Samples:

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Biblical Sources: Lamentations 3:22-23; Ephesians 4:4-6; Romans 6:3-4; and Matthew 26:19

Tune Name: SF KNIKER

Alternate Tune:  FAITHFULNESS

Meter: with refrain

Hymn content:  3 verses and refrain

Hymn arrangement:  SATB, organ or piano

Sample text:  Verse 1 and refrain

Verse 1  (Joyous Households of Faith Gives Thanks)

Great is our joy today, O God, all knowing;
Receive our offering, a child now growing.            [or “a saint still growing.’]
We hear Christ’s call — baptize all who seek His way.
Our sacred tasks — to teach, nurture, and pray.

Great is your love for us; great is your care for us
Sunshine and shadows hold blessings we need.
The peace You offer; the grace that saves us.
Great is Your love for us, mighty Your deeds!

Key Words:  Baptism, children, discipleship, gifts of God, faithfulness, confirmation
Collection(s): Special Services
©Copyright 2013, 2016 by Charles R. Kniker and Lynn J. Zeigler.  Not to be copied or distributed without written permission.

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