Holidays / Special Observances Collection

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To aid disciples and spiritual seekers in their celebration of community-wide secular holidays.



A well-known and provocative book of some decades ago, H. Richard Niebuhr’s Christ and Culture, made clear that there are multiple ways disciples interact with the culture(s) of their time. They range from full acceptance of culture to full rejection of them.  Most other forms involve assimilating one to the other. More recently, sociologists such as Robert Bellah and clergy such as Lillian Daniels respond to those who believe they can be “spiritual but not religious.”

You will note that there are spiritual elements in most of these songs.  Many families may find that “A Thanksgiving Prayer” can be sung as a grace for Thanksgiving.  The inspiration of “A Thanksgiving Poem” came from a private school practice begun for the purpose of introducing its families (many from diverse cultures) to each other. The families prepared breads from their traditions.  A distinct American tradition is celebrating the Fourth of July.  “Ring the Bells!” fits that event, although its language could be used for the Independence Day celebrations of other nations. “Armor Us” is based on a Psalm of David which speaks to warfare and nationhood, which the psalmist believes calls for citizens to live with integrity and trust in God. On a somber note, when freedom is denied, horrific things can happen, as the Holocaust attests. “Freedom” speaks to the need to remember. A national holiday in the United States is Labor Day (and Sunday). “With God’s Help” is unique in calling for us to compare our “work clothes” with what we are clothed to wear as disciples. Work can be blessed.  When nations do go to war, casualties occur. The hymn, “We Now Give You Thanks,” is appropriate fur use at Memorial Day services, for remembering the lives of others.


Song Title For use on, with
A Thanksgiving Prayer Thanksgiving
A Thanksgiving Poem Bread Day, Thanksgiving
Ring the Bells! Independence Day
Armor Us Responsibilities of Nations
Freedom Holocaust Observance
With God’s Help Labor Day
We Now Give You Thanks Memorial Day


For your convenience these seven (7) hymns are in a downloadable zip file.  The collection is available for a limited time for $52.50.  You may purchase this collection through this BUY NOW button.  [If you would like to sample one of the hymns in the collection, return to the home page and search using any of the titles above.]

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