In God’s Image (Ash Wednesday) (Lenten Season)

$5.00 (USD)

Beginning with Ash Wednesday, historically the Church observes a period of contemplation. Disciples acknowledge their personal and corporate fault. In worship services, in penitential tones, we speak of the highs and lows of human behavior. While disciples acknowledge we are created in God’s image, this prayer for repentance admits we have strayed from that image.

Price:  $5.00 (USD)

Picture:  The purple stoles are an indication of the season of Lent.

Music and Score Samples:
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Biblical sources: Psalm 8:3-9, Mark 8:31-38

Tune name: GOD’S IMAGE

Meter: with refrain

Hymn content:  4 verses with refraiN


Hymn arrangement:  SATB, organ or piano

Sample text:  Verse 1 and refrain 
Verse 1  (Made in God’s image, we both extend life, also destroy it)
We say we’re made in God’s image, a claim we scarcely dare believe. 
We extend life, but prolong strife, yet hope God’s blessings to receive. 
The cross of Christ is salvation, a wondrous sign that fills our needs.
Turns pleasures of a sin-filled world to the treasures of Jesus’ deeds.


Help us align with Your design.
Help us repent and then consent.
Help us reflect and then connect.
Help us rejoice and gain new voice.

Key words:  Ash Wednesday, Lenten season, faith, Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, forgiveness, social justice
Collection(s):  Lent/Easter

  ©Copyright 2013, 2016 by Charles R. Kniker and Lynn J. Zeigler. Not to be copied or distributed without written permission.            


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