Lent / Easter Collection

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To aid learners and seekers to become familiar with seven (7) hymns that will deepen their understanding of discipleship during the seasons of Lent and Eastertide.



Our assumption is that relatively few disciples have a comprehensive understanding of Lent. The word “Lent” comes from an old English word meaning “Spring.” For Christians, it is a season in which disciples think of the parallel of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ to the processes of the natural world.  By the fourth century (Christian Era), this period of deep spiritual examination and reflection was set as forty weekdays before Easter. The forty days are another parallel to the fasting and trials of Moses, Elijah, and Jesus.


Unlike many traditional hymns, this set of hymns attempts to connect us to what the first disciples of Jesus were thinking and feeling in that fateful final week in Jerusalem.  “How Often He Has Asked Us,” for example, depicts the scenario in the Garden of Gethsemane, when the disciples despair about their failure to remain awake as Jesus has requested while he prays.  The tune is deliberately dissonant. The two Easter hymns, “Lights” and “We Believe, Now See” focus on what the disciples of that day were experiencing following the resurrection.  The most daring of the hymns is “The Dream of Peace.” Cautiously and respectfully, it asks today’s followers to imagine what Jesus may have grappled with as he was dying on the cross.



Song Title For use on, with
In God’s Image Ash Wednesday; throughout Lent
O Christ You Chose a Journey Palm Sunday/Passion Sunday
Remember Me Maundy Thursday
How Often He Has Asked Us Tenebrae Service/Good Friday
The Dream of Peace Good Friday
Lights Easter, Eastertide
We Believe, Now See First Sunday after Easter


Instructions:  For your convenience these seven (7) hymns are in a downloadable zip file.  The collection is available for a limited time for $26.50.  You may purchase this collection through this BUY NOW button.  [If you like to sample one of the hymns in the collection, return to the home page and search using any of the titles above.]

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