Let Me Be A Friend to All Collection

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There are personal and corporate dimensions to this song. The title and lead verse come from a high school student who sincerely wanted “to be a friend to all” rather than be part of a clique. Without giving in to group pressures and temptations, she met her goal. This song is about friendship and inclusiveness.

┬ęCopyright 2013 by Charles R. Kniker and Lynn J. Zeigler
Not to be copied or distributed without written permission.

Music and Score Samples:

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Biblical Sources: Romans 12:10 (friendship is an honor); John 15:12-15 (be willing to love all as friends, making sacrifices for them); Matthew 10:5-15 (if not accepted, move on)


Sample text: Verse 1, interlude, verse 5

Verse 1 (Friends reach out with courage)
O God, let me (us) be a friend to all,
O God, let me (us) be a friend to all.
Grant me (us) the courage to be friendly to all,
Or is it time, time to move on?

Interlude (piano)

Verse 5 (Friends celebrate the final homecoming)
O God, when I’ve (we’ve) been a friend to all,
O God, when I’ve (we’ve) been a friend to all.
Dear God, when I (we) have shared your love with all,
Then it is time, time to go home!

Here is a YouTube video of the song:

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