My Heart Still Sings II (A Memorial Service Song)

$5.00 (USD)

Music is essential to life. So believe persons of faith, past and present. Similar to a psalm of lament, this song begins with a lament.  The realities of later years, including the loss of an ability to sing, motivates the “singer” to indicate non-vocal ways to show how, with God’s help, the singer can still sing from the heart.

Price:  $5.00 (USD)

Music and Score Samples:

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Biblical sources:  Psalm 71:23 and Psalm 100:1

Tune name:  BENBROOK II


Hymn content:  3 verses and 1 optional verse (on military service); also an optional descant

Hymn arrangement:  SATB with organ or piano

Sample text:  Verse 1 and Verse 2

Verse 1 (The realities of later years (C minor)
When memory fades and thoughts are gone, how can I sing?
When speaking slows and words won’t form, how can I sing?
When walking is hard and I drive no more, how can I sing?
When family meets but I can’t hear, how can I sing?

Verse 2 (Simple pleasures bring souls delight (C major)
With joyful laughs and smiling tears, my heart still sings!
With hearty meals and mid-day naps, my heart still sings!
With children held and ties renewed, my heart still sings!
With values firm and trips to make, my heart still sings!

Key Words:  funerals, memorial services, friendship, witness, eternal life, caregivers, resurrection, military service, joy

Collection(s):  Special Services

Pictured above is Stan Benbrook, for whom the tune is named.





©Copyright 2016 by Charles R. Kniker and Lynn J. Zeigler.  Not to be copied or distributed without written permission.

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