My Heart Still Sings (III) (A Memorial Service song)

$5.00 (USD)

Benbrook III has been prepared for secular memorial services of older persons. The first version begins with a description of medical and emotional problems likely to surface for many seniors.  Many seniors conquer these difficulties and others and live full lives.  A favorite activity of older adults is to sing.  The remaining verses speak to ending life with fulfillment.

Image: The tune is named for Stan Benbrook, pictured here.

Price:  $5.00 (USD)

Music and Score Samples:

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Song content:  3 Verses and 1 optional Verse (to celebrate a veteran’s service)

Song arrangement:  SATB, for organ or piano

Sample Text: Verse 1 and Verse 3

Verse 1 (The realities of later years)  (C minor)
When memory fades and thoughts are gone, how can I sing?
When speaking slows and words won’t form, how can I sing?
When walking is hard and I drive no more, how can I sing?
When family meets but I can hear, how can I sing?
Verse 3 (As earthly life ends, we sing triumphantly)(C major)
With questions asked and answers gained, our hearts will sing!
With faithful friends and those who care, our hearts will sing!
When battles come and hope is there, our hearts will sing!
When last breath comes, our souls are freed; our hearts will sing!

Key words:  Funerals, memorial services, friendship, witness, care, military service, joy, service

Collection(s): Special Services




©Copyright 2016 by Charles R. Kniker and Lynn J. Zeigler. Not to be copied or distributed without written permission.


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