Piano Accompaniments CD, Vol. 2 of 4 – Worship Service Elements, Bible & Church History

$12.50 (USD)

Songs for Disciples is pleased to offer these piano accompaniments as a resource that can be used to enhance worship services and to accompany holiday and special observances.  Lynn Zeigler, the composer of Songs for Disciples, recorded the hymns, worship service responses, and songs at the Martha-Ellen Tye Recital Hall at Iowa State University.

Charles Kniker has written the texts of the hymns.

These piano accompaniments will be of special benefit for those musicians or congregations who:

  • want to hear how the composer suggests the hymns be played
  • are at a time without an organist or church musician and wish to play a CD so that the congregation can sing the hymns with accompaniment
  • prefer recorded music to printed music to assist choirs and congregations in singing.

Because these hymns will be new to a congregation or choir, Dr. Zeigler plays the entire hymn as an introduction, then once for each verse. In other words, a four-verse hymn will be played five times.  Short worship responses are also played more than once.

The subjects of the second CD are Worship Service Elements and hymns and responses related to the Bible and Church History. The worship elements include responses for the opening (gathering) and closing (sending) of worship. A number of the other elements are related to prayers: for confession, scripture readings, and prayers of the people.  One hymn emphasizes the literature of the Bible and others relate to the history of the Church such as the Protestant Reformation in the 1500s.

Special Note: Dr. Kevin Schilling, Associate Professor Emeritus of the Iowa State University Music Department, composed the descants. Some congregations may wish to use the descant versions, others may not.

Content of Volume 2

  Worship Service Elements

  1. Come Citizens, with Saints Now Sing (gathering hymn)
  2. Try God (opening words/song)
  3. Inflame My Heart (general prayer)
  4. Inflame My Heart (descant)
  5. These Words Are True (before or after Scripture)
  6. When We Taste the Word (before or after Scripture)
  7. When We Taste the Word (descant)
  8. Our Days Are Treasures (prayers of the people)
  9. God Gives Us What We Need (offering response)
  10. God Goes With Us (sending hymn)
  11. Take God (benediction)


Bible/Church History

  1. Here Hymns Reveal a Holy One (music in church history)
  2. Here Hymns Reveal a Holy One (descant)
  3. Invitation (hymn)
  4. Welcome Home (Bible – Prodigal Son)
  5. Words of Light (hymn about the Bible)
  6. Words of Light (descant)
  7. Shouts of Joy! (Pentecost)
  8. We Stand for Love (Reformation)


Notes:  1) Some selections are offered in two versions, one with and one without a descant. The descants are always played on the final verse of the hymn.

2) A background page and the music are available on www.songsfordisciples.com. or at OneLicense.net.


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