Piano Accompaniments CD, Vol. 3 of 4 – God’s Truth-Tellers, Social Justice/Just Peace, Let Me Be a Friend

$12.50 (USD)

Songs for Disciples is pleased to offer these piano accompaniments as a resource that can be used to enhance worship services and to accompany holiday and special observances.  Lynn Zeigler, the composer of Songs for Disciples, recorded the hymns, worship service responses, and songs at the Martha-Ellen Tye Recital Hall at Iowa State University. Charles Kniker has written the texts of the hymns.These piano accompaniments will be of special benefit for those musicians or congregations who:

  • want to hear how the composer suggests the hymns be played
  • are at a time without an organist or church musician and wish to play a CD so that the congregation can sing the hymns with accompaniment
  • prefer recorded music to printed music to assist choirs and congregations in singing.

Because these hymns will be new to a congregation or choir, Dr. Zeigler plays the entire hymn as an introduction, then once for each verse. In other words, a four-verse hymn will be played five times.  Short worship responses are also played more than once.

The third in a set of four CD’s has two types of hymns/songs. The first is a series of eight prophetic voices from the Hebrew Scriptures. The persons selected are called God’s Truth-tellers. Each prophetic story is different, but all use the same tune.  The second category contains songs that relate to various Social Justice Issues. An emerging issue in schools and other settings for young people is bullying and the issue of teen suicide.  The “Friends” song comes in four versions, for public and non-public settings. Each version may be sung to either a piano version or a lively Calypso beat.

Special Note: Dr. Kevin Schilling, Associate Professor Emeritus of the Iowa State University Music Department, composed the descants. Some congregations may wish to use the descant versions, others may not.

Content of Volume 3 of 4

God’s Truth-tellers (Prophetic Voices)

[Note: All eight (8) prophet stories use the same tune, or descant tune] (Amos, Daniel, Deborah, Elijah, Esther,

Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ruth)

  1. God’s Truth-tellers
  2. God’s Truth-tellers (descant)

Social Justice and Peace

  1. A Thanksgiving Poem (world hunger)
  2. A World of Time and Space (environment, Earth Day)
  3. Armor Us (blessed nation; war and peace, media ethics)
  4. Freedom (human rights, remembering past injustices)

[Note: The four “Friend” songs –Courage, Kindness, Advocate, and Witness — may be sung to either the piano version or the Calypso/Soca version]

  1. Let Me Be A Friend (piano)
  2. Let Me Be a Friend (Calypso/Soca)
  3. Make a Difference (act without delay)
  4. Once Again (stop gun violence through legislation)
  5. Prisoners by Choice (visiting prisoners; penal reform)
  6. Your Covenant of Care (health care; support caregivers)


1) Some selections are offered in two versions, one with and one without a descant. The descants always are played on the final verse of the hymn.

2) A background page and the music are available on www.songsfordisciples.com. or at OneLicense.net.

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