Social Justice / Just Peace Collection

$41.25 (USD)


To aid congregations and individual disciples as they witness and serve those in need.


An old adage is that a congregation that is focused only on itself and ministering to only its own members is a “Dead Sea” church – everything flowing in, nothing going out. The songs and hymns in this collection speak to a variety of problems that have plagued the world through “civilization.”  Some are more specific to recent times. Ministers who wish to offer “safe” and pleasing messages to their congregants should avoid this collection. We believe with such theologians and biblical scholars as Paul Tillich and Walter Brueggemann that the mission of the church includes giving “comfort to the afflicted” as well as “afflicting the comfortable.”  We hold  Jesus would agree.


Song Title Event
A Thanksgiving Poem World Hunger
A World of Time and Space Stewardship of the Earth
Armor Us Against war and media excesses
Freedom Human rights (against prejudice)
Make a Difference Using your gifts (general)
Prisoners by Choice Prison visitation, prison reform
Once Again Gun Violence
Let Me Be a Friend (A) Anti-Bullying
Let Me Be a Friend (B) Anti-Bullying
Let Me Be a Friend (C) Anti-Bullying, Suicide
Your Covenant of Care Care-giving, health care


For your convenience these eleven (11) hymns and responses are in a downloadable zip file.  The collection is available for a limited time for $82.50.  You may purchase this collection through this BUY NOW button.  [If you would like to sample one of the hymns in the collection, return to the home page and search using any of the titles above.]

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