Words of Light (Bible) (2nd Sunday after Epiphany)

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Bible authors used many literary forms, including historical narrative, psalms, legends, prophecies, and personal testimonies, to convey their messages of the grace of the Holy One in the Hebrew Scriptures. In the Christian Scriptures, gospel accounts told of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, his death and resurrection.  Additional accounts tell of the gift of God’s Holy Spirit and letters or epistles convey the story of the spread of the new religion of Christianity.  In both “old and new testaments” the writers believed the World of God brought light to a darkened world.

Window:  “Promise of Delivery” from Faith UCC, Bryan, TX, depicts the central event in the Jewish faith, the Exodus]

Price:  $5.00 (USD)

Music and Score Samples:

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Biblical sources:  1 Kings 19:11-13, Psalm 36:5-5-10, Isaiah 62:1-5, 6:6-8, John 2:1-11, Acts 2:7-17, and 1 Corinthians 12:1-11.

Tune Name:  WHISTON

Picture: The tune is named for Dr. Lionel A. Whiston who was a Professor of Old Testament at Eden Seminary, St. Louis, MO.                                                                                           Dad -1

Alternative Tune:  ST. CATHERINE with refrain

Meter: with refrain

Hymn content:  4 verses with refrain; optional instrumental descant

Hymn arrangement:  SATB, organ or piano

Sample text:  Verse 1 and Verse 2, and refrain

Verse 1 (Literary variety of God’s Message)
In Torah’s tales are histories;
In psalms we learn the mysteries
of law’s delights and love’s demands.
In prophet’s prose, a righteous plan.

Light for the faithful, living light! We will be true to Words of Light!

Verse 2 (Biblical water images)
God who sends floods and parted sea,
Redeem our lives so justice flows.
O how we pray for pools that heal
And wells of life that Christ reveals.  (refrain)

Key words:  Reformation, Higher Education, Seminary Sunday, Bible, Christian education, land, water, literary forms, prophets, epistles, letters, history

Collection(s):  Bible/Church History

©Copyright 2016 by Charles R. Kniker and Lynn J. Zeigler.  Not to be copied or distributed without written permission.

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