May 172017

We join with others in praying for the families of those slain and wounded at the Pulse night club in Orlando June 13. May God bring comfort and healing to them, their relatives and friends, their communities of faith, and their fellow citizens. The motives of this shooter and others before him are many and complicated. But we do know that far too many innocent victims, individual and groups, have paid the ultimate price.

After this shooting in Orlando, former U.S. Congresswoman Gabbie Giffords, herself a victim of gun violence, was quoted as saying “once again.” Too often have we heard those two plaintive words, “once again.”  Just a year ago, after the Charleston, South Carolina church shooting, before that with San Bernardino, Newton, on the Virginia Tech campus. We heard it in Kileen, Texas, following a Luby’s Cafeteria shooting, in Edmond Oklahoma at a post office, and in San Ysidro at a California McDonald’s. A recent Time article (June 27, 2016) cites evidence that since 1976 mass shootings in the United States have claimed the lives of 3,712 persons. Once again.

It was after the horrific shooting of children and teachers at the Sandy Hook School in Newton, Connecticut in 2012, that we felt compelled to write a song. We entitled it “Once Again” in light of  these recurring mass shootings.

The themes of the song’s verses are:

Verse 1 – Violent deaths keep occurring
Verse 2 – False security in guns
Verse 3 – Are more guns needed?
Verse 4 – Call for peaceful solutions (Isaiah 2:4)
Verse 5 – Put ultimate trust in God

Almost rap-like, symbolizing the rapid fire of rounds, each phrase ends with either “once again” or “never again.” The first four verses are in c minor, reflecting the dark cloud of senseless death and inaction that the nation is under. The fifth verse is in C major, symbolizing the sunshine of hope that new legislation and court victories will “triumph again” with common-sense regulations.  A solo with piano arrangement will be available soon.

To be clear, we join those who are calling for meaningful legislative actions that limit access to firearms prepared for the military. Such legislation does not mean a ban against all guns.

For now, please join us in continuing to pray for the victims of these shootings and praying for legislatures to do what is right.

Charles and Lynn

Please click here for more information on the song “Once Again.”

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